At my place

At my place When I shared the plans with parents, they if were horrified, could not show it.

On the contrary, my mother persuaded one professional artist to take me in training.

This lovely person taught me to write with oil paints, and at the same time and gave the chance closer to consider prospects of a course of life on which threshold I was on own example.

At my place still my students works weigh.

I pokhlebat romantics, got acquainted with her closest friend a lack of money, learned to feel color in the nature and others pictures.

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In this

In this In this chapter a question such: What we, parents, do to hurt our children?

Here words Jess from Kansas which often occur to me: Every time when I try to talk to parents about their quarrels, they always answer that I did not worry, it has to me anybody no relation.

But I think that has.

What to answer me here?

Instinctively I know that Jess it is not necessary to consider so and that we, parents, have to find a way and explain her it.

Anthony Gribin, the doctor of philosophy who is engaged in private practice in Morristaun, New Jersey, told me the following: Children do not happen a quarrel subject.

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Darya. And that, very

Darya. And that, very It, laughing, answered that if suddenly!

the nature will dispose differently and we will have a girl, the name can be not changed especially, waited for Danila Dashka was born!



And that, very much even anything!

Darya Dmitriyevna.

Simply beauty!

It is interesting, what the husband will tell?

About that instead of the successor we expect the successor, Dima learned only towards evening.

Of course, this news made on it indelible impression.

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Feeding For specification of the diagnosis it is necessary to watch attentively the child, sometimes using also videos of his behavior.

Feeding At many children with a cerebral palsy difficulties at meal are observed.

They can already be found in infancy when the kid badly sucks, and to remain at later age when there are problems with chewing.

Swallowing is sometimes broken.

The small child swallows food in two ways.

The first can be seen at the chest kid who eats milk.

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Cardboard Feet of the child have to lean on a floor fig.


Cardboard boxes Small children who badly keep balance, often feel more surely when sit in limited space.

For this reason recently and for training, and it is simple to play, we began to put kids in big cardboard boxes which can be found in any shop.

Strong cardboard box a fine place for games: the most different toys can be suspended to walls of a box or to put on a bottom, inside it is possible to put a small box table fig.

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